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Source chemicals through our platform to efficiently locate and connect with chemical manufacturers and distributors, ensuring you secure the best products, pricing and service for your business.

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Discover suppliers globally with the right solutions for you. Our platform offers direct connections to a diverse network, ensuring you find the exact chemicals you need quickly and locally.

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Use our detailed Request For Quote (RFQ) form to outline your chemical needs precisely, ensuring suppliers immediately grasp your requirements, leading to faster, more targeted offers.

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Choose to include your RFQ on our platform, allowing suppliers interested in your needs to purchase your RFQ details. This enhances your visibility among targeted suppliers and expands your access to competitive quotes.

How It Works​

For Buyers

Step-by-Step Process:
Step 1: Search for Chemicals
Enter a chemical name or CAS number in our search bar to quickly locate suppliers.
Step 2: Review Supplier Profiles
Examine supplier profiles to assess their product range and compatibility with your needs.
Step 3: Send Inquiries
Contact suppliers through our platform for prompt and efficient communication.

For Suppliers

Step-by-Step Process:
Step 1: Register & Manage Your Profile
Register to showcase your company on our extensive chemical supplier network.
Step 2: List Your Products
Detail your full product offerings on our platform to attract targeted buyers and expand your reach.
Step 3: Receive and Respond to Inquiries
Receive detailed inquiries from motivated buyers interested in your products.

Benefits for Chemical Companies

Be Found for All Your Chemicals

Listing your complete product range boosts visibility and inquiries from motivated buyers. Ensure you're clearly seen in every relevant buyer search to maximize opportunities and sales potential.

Exceptional Return on Investment

Our cost-effective subscriptions offer significant ROI potential. A single successful lead from listing your company could cover your subscription on our platform for years, making this a wise choice for any supplier.

Enhance Your SEO with a Backlink

Listing your company on our platform grants you a backlink to your website. A backlink from our website can bring quality leads to yours and boost your website’s search rankings, leading to increased traffic and online visibility.

Browse Suppliers by Country

Can't find the country you're looking for? Let us know. We're constantly expanding our network to serve your needs better.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers

To find suppliers, use our search bar to enter the chemical name or CAS number you’re interested in. Additionally, select a country from the dropdown menu to refine your search. Our site is a comprehensive and regularly expanding database, designed to present you with a list of suppliers who can potentially meet your specific needs.

Yes, you can send inquiries directly through our platform.
When completing the RFQ form, fill in as many fields as possible. Including specific chemical names, quantities, delivery timelines, and other specifications makes it easier for suppliers to understand your requirements and assess if they can meet your needs.
Review the supplier profiles for their product offerings, company details, and location. Consider factors such as their range of products, their relevance to your needs, and their proximity to your location to make an informed decision. Use the built-in contact form available on their listings to reach out to a few suppliers and start a conversation to determine if they’re an appropriate fit for your needs.

For Suppliers

Simply visit the ‘List Your Company’ button in the header menu and then follow the instructions. If your company is already listed, you can claim the existing profile by verifying your association with the company. All submissions are manually reviewed before going public.
Once your company is listed or claimed, you can manage and update your profile through your supplier dashboard. This includes updating company details, adding new product listings, and editing existing information. Regularly updating your profile ensures that potential buyers always have access to the most current and relevant information about your products and services.
A paid subscription on not only enhances your company’s visibility and prioritizes your listing in search results but also enables direct inquiries from buyers, increasing your chances of successful leads. By listing your full range of products with detailed descriptions, you significantly boost your visibility for every relevant search. Plus, including multiple locations can further expand your reach. You also benefit from a valuable backlink to your website, enhancing your online presence and SEO, which drives quality leads and improves your search engine rankings.
The most effective strategy is to comprehensively list all your products with detailed information and add all your locations. This ensures maximum exposure on our platform, making your business more visible to buyers searching for specific chemicals. Detailed listings and multiple location entries increase your chances of matching with buyers’ specific needs.

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