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Our service transforms buyer inquiries into actionable leads for suppliers. Upon purchase, we provide essential contact details (name, company, email, phone number) as available, ensuring you have enough information to initiate contact.
Created On Country State City Chemical Name Quantity Frequency Requirement Target Delivery Timeline Application/Use Case Price Action
04/26/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Borax 16,975 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Not Specified $20.00 Buy Now
04/26/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Boric Acid 8250 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Not Specified $20.00 Buy Now
04/26/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Trisodium Phosphate 1000 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Not Specified $10.00 Buy Now
04/26/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Sodium Hydrosulphite 575,800 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Not Specified $20.00 Buy Now
04/22/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Hydrogen Peroxide 139,450 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Undisclosed $20.00 Buy Now
04/21/2024 Thailand Myanmar Bangkok Caustic Soda 857,052 Kg Quarterly Within 2 months Undisclosed $40.00 Buy Now

How This Works

Buyer Requests for Quote
Buyers submit their detailed request for a quote and gives us permission to share their inquiry in our marketplace.
Lead Generation
Approved inquiries are listed in our Leads Marketplace, ready to be accessed by our network of trusted suppliers.
Choosing Your Lead
Browse through the marketplace, viewing essential information to identify leads that match your capacity and capabilities.
Purchase & Connect
Securely purchase the lead and immediately receive all necessary contact information to connect directly with the potential buyer.
Please note: all leads listed have consented to share their information for business purposes. We urge you to respect their privacy and handle their data with the highest standards of confidentiality and security post-purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a lead, browse the active leads listed on our marketplace. Once you find a lead that matches your criteria, click the "Buy Now" button. You'll be directed to complete the purchase process, and upon successful transaction, the lead's detailed contact information will be immediately emailed to you.
Upon purchasing a lead, you will receive detailed contact information, including the chemical name, quantity, application/use case, and full contact details such as name, company, email, and phone number, enabling you to connect with potential customers directly.

Leads are generated by visitors to our website who have expressed interest in finding a supplier for specific chemicals.

We manage the freshness of our leads by removing them after 14 days or if a maximum of 5 chemical companies has purchased them. 

The price is based on factors such as the requested chemical's volume, potential value of the lead, and specificity of the application/use case, ensuring fair value for the opportunities presented.
While we provide high-quality leads, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Suppliers are encouraged to evaluate leads carefully before making a purchase. Refer to our refund policy for conditions under which refunds may be considered.
New leads are added regularly as buyers submit their RFQs. To keep our marketplace vibrant and valuable, we recommend regularly checking for the latest opportunities relevant to your business needs.

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