Boric Acid Suppliers in USA

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Supplier Name ▲▼ Location Chemical Name CAS Number Purity
Flinn ScientificUSA, Batavia, IllinoisBoric Acid10043-35-3
North Industrial ChemicalsUSA, York, PennsylvaniaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Greenchem IndustriesUSA, West Palm Beach, FloridaBoric Acid10043-35-3
SAL ChemicalUSA, Weirton, West VirginiaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Global Chemical ResourcesUSA, Toledo, OhioBoric Acid10043-35-3
Research Products Inc.USA, Theodore, AlabamaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Shrieve ChemicalUSA, The Woodlands, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Shrieve ChemicalUSA, The Woodlands, TexasFluoboric Acid16872-11-0
The Chemical SupplyUSA, The Woodlands, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Florida Chemical Supply, IncUSA, Tampa, FloridaFluoroboric Acid16872-11-040%, 50%
Producers Chemical CompanyUSA, Sugar Grove, IllinoisBoric Acid10043-35-3
Producers Chemical CompanyUSA, Sugar Grove, IllinoisFluoboric Acid16872-11-0
Arcadia ChemicalUSA, Shelton, ConnecticutBoric Acid10043-35-3
Colonial Chemical SolutionsUSA, Savannah, GeorgiaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Noah ChemicalsUSA, San Antonio, TexasBoric acid10043-35-399.8%
Thatcher GroupUSA, Salt Lake City, UtahBoric Acid10043-35-3
Genuine Chemical SuppliesUSA, Rialto, CaliforniaBoric acid10043-35-3
Covalent Chemical LLCUSA, Raleigh, North CarolinaBoric Acid10043-35-3
High Purity ProductsUSA, Portland, OregonTetrafluoroboric Acid16872-11-0
ACS Chemical Inc.USA, Point Pleasant, New JerseyBoric acid10043-35-3
Chemicals GlobalUSA, Pembroke Pines, FloridaBoric acid10043-35-3
Brown Chemical Co.USA, Paterson, New JerseyBoric acid10043-35-3
Connection ChemicalUSA, Newtown, PennsylvaniaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Continental Industries Group, Inc.USA, New York, New YorkBoric acid10043-35-3
ChemSolUSA, Minnetonka, MinnesotaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Dawn Scientific Inc.USA, Metuchen, New JerseyBoric Acid10043-35-32% W/V, 4% W/V
Ideal ChemicalUSA, Memphis, TennesseeBoric Acid10043-35-3
Antec Inc.USA, Louisville, KentuckyBoric Acid10043-35-399%
Bell ChemUSA, Longwood, FloridaBoric Acid10043-35-3
DIYChemicalsUSA, Liberty, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Hill ChemicalUSA, Lakeland, FloridaBoric acid10043-35-3
C&K ChemicalsUSA, Lake Forest, IllinoisBoric Acid10043-35-3
Alexander Chemical CorporationUSA, La Porte, IndianaBoric Acid10043-35-3
CORECHEM Inc.USA, Knoxville, TennesseeBoric Acid (Granular)10043-35-3
Terrace Chemical & PackagingUSA, Kansas City, MissouriBoric Acid10043-35-3
The Chemical CompanyUSA, Jamestown, Rhode IslandBoric Acid10043-35-3
CJ ChemicalsUSA, Howell, MichiganBoric Acid10043-35-3
CJ ChemicalsUSA, Howell, MichiganFluoroboric Acid16872-11-0
Industrial Chemical & ScientificUSA, Houston, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Chem One Ltd.USA, Houston, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Independent ChemicalUSA, Glendale, New YorkBoric Acid10043-35-3
Independent ChemicalUSA, Glendale, New YorkFluoroboric Acid16872-11-0
Texas ChemUSA, Fort Worth, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Command Chemical CorporationUSA, Fairfield, ConnecticutBoric Acid10043-35-3
PVS Chemical Solutions, Inc.USA, Detroit, MichiganBoric Acid10043-35-3
Chemical StoreUSA, Clifton, New JerseyBoric Acid10043-35-3
ChemCeed LLCUSA, Chippewa Falls, WisconsinBoric Acid10043-35-3
ReagentsUSA, Charlotte, North CarolinaBoric acid10043-35-3
ReagentsUSA, Charlotte, North CarolinaTetrafluoroboric acid16872-11-0
Hi Valley ChemicalUSA, Centerville, UtahBoric acid10043-35-3
HydriteUSA, Brookfield, WisconsinBoric Acid10043-35-3
HydriteUSA, Brookfield, WisconsinFluoboric Acid16872-11-0
Ricca Chemical Co.USA, Arlington, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Ricca Chemical Co.USA, Arlington, TexasBoric Acid10043-35-3
Miles Chemical Co. Inc.USA, Anaheim, CaliforniaBoric Acid10043-35-3
Miles Chemical Co. Inc.USA, Anaheim, CaliforniaFluoboric Acid16872-11-0
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